The best way to learn a new language is to try to say something in it! Open the program "Notepad++" and open the file "problems.js" inside the folder jawascript inside the folder jsday1 on your Desktop. In this file, there are a few JavaScript functions that need to be implemented. Write your JavaScript code in each function according to the instructions above each function.

To run your code, navigate to the file "index.html" inside the jawascript folder and open it in google chrome. Press Ctrl-Shift-J to open the developer console where the output from your program will be visible. You can also access the console from the Chrome interface as shown here. Important: whenever you change your code, be sure to SAVE the file you changed, and then REFRESH the page for the project in chrome.

Be sure to check out the JavaScript Syntax handout (linked at the top of this page) to make sure your Javascript has the right format!

Good Luck!